Blog-Poster-AMPLI20171To all of you waiting for one of the finest music fests, Amplificasom has some bad news: there will be no 2017 Amplifest edition.

The announcement is made by the fest organization, with the promise that this will not be the end of the event:

We feel then that an Amplifest 2017 under the same conditions as the previous editions does not make sense to us. Will Amplifest happen in the future in a city that supports it as it deserves to be supported? Concede a little of the whole philosophy and open doors to sponsorships? Open the door to individual partners who want to join us on this trip? Raise the price of the ticket to European parameters? Keep everything as is, but adapt it to a biennial experience? Only time will tell.

We will come back when we feel ready, especially if we feel we have something really different to offer in the middle of all this noise that goes around. Money has never been the catalyst for anything in Amplificasom and, while essential to any project, is not what drives us. Music is what moves us forward.
We’ll take this break to reflect, but also to stay focused on Amplificasom events, to get involved in new adventures, to stay involved in different productions, in the booking and, truth be told, to focus a little on ourselves.”

Maybe 2018 is the returning year. Let’s see what the future holds concerning this fest… Meanwhile, check the other Amplificasom events!